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Welcome to Sproutville

A Bible app built just for kids. Sproutville is designed to provide your children with wholesome entertainment while teaching them about God’s love. So get ready to laugh, learn, and grow with Bible stories, Bible songs, puzzles, coloring, and so much more!

Once you’ve downloaded Sproutville, get started by moving into your tree house and creating your very own Sprout! You’ll get to dress your Sprout up and customize its appearance. Then it’s time to explore all that Sproutville has to offer:

Beautifully animated stories

Plunge into the Bible and retrace the steps of the Old Testament Bible heroes and the Life of Jesus! Each story page features dynamic narrations and interactive secrets – when you tap on the screen, the story comes to life!

Catchy Bible songs

Clap your hands, dance, and sing along to Sproutville’s library of Bible Songs! Featuring unforgettable songs from the Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Coloring scenes from classic Bible stories

Sproutville offers hundreds of coloring pages from favorite Bible stories to encourage children’s creativity while teaching them about the Bible.

Bible-themed puzzles

Solve progressively more difficult puzzles and develop your spatial reasoning skills!


Continually updated content

Sproutville is being updated constantly with new stories and activities. There will always be something new to explore!

Parent resources and guides

Sproutville is for parents too! With reading guides, activity cards, and other printables, you’ll have all the resources you need to engage your children’s faith.

Fun, educational, and guilt-free!

Keep your child engaged and learning about the Bible. Try out Sproutville for free on the app store.